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Faculty, Regents and Contributors
Heidi L. Hoke, PhDHH, ND, CHt.
President, / CEO

Dr. Heidi L. Hoke grew up studying and exploring various disciplines of metaphysics and has been a serious student, ordained minister, and researcher of metaphysics for over forty years. A near-death experiece bonded her interest in multidimensional consciousness, which she now teaches at VPCM.


She is founding owner and practitioner of Vitae Pondera Institute of Intergrative Health and President of University of Vitae Pondera , College of Natural Medicine and College of Metaphysics. She has earned dual-doctorate degrees in natural medicine: Doctorate of Philosophy in Holistic Health (PhDHH) and a Doctorate of Naturopathy (N.D.) at Kingdom College of Natural Health. She completed her a Master of Science degree in Holistic Health, specializing in Homeopathy and Hemeoprophylaxis, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health as a Nutritional Consultant, Master Herbalist, and Holistic Health Practitioner. She has achieved the 12th-Level Reiki Grand Mastership and Mastership in Chios Energy Healing.


Dr. Heidi L. Hoke is professional member of International Metaphysical Practioners Association (IMPA) and is Board Certified by both the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Commission, Cert. No. 90313412 and The American Council of Holistic Medicine, Diplomat Member.    


She provides educational seminars a Master Trainer in Chronic Disease, Chronic Pain, and Diabetes by the Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC) of A&M University, originally founded by Stanford University. Additionally, is a health coach for pre-diabetic, self-management for the CNC.


Heidi has received her certification in Advanced Hypnotherapy by the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472-2011, from the nationally accredited college, Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) in Tarzana, California.  She offers medical hypnotherapy as an adjunct modality in holistic health protocols.​

Heidi is an Alzheimer's Healthcare Specialist and public speaker promoting the advocacy of natural therapy for neuro-immunology.

Dr. David Crook joins us a s Professor of Metaphysical Studies, based on his three published, philosophical novels, Triad Glacrixa, The Warrior and Anarcy, education, and Utopia. 


He graduated from Columbia Pacific University (USA) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering; the University of Hertfordshire, (UK) with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and the University of Leicester (UK) with a Master of Arts in Education, and a PhD. Arts, from Columbia Pacific University in Philosophy and Humanities.

David has taught for the Dallas Community Colleges and as adjunct Professor of Engineering for University of Texas in Tyler. He continues to be involved in all aspects of design, prototyping, and production, ranging from medical devices, implants, and medical products through to flight control systems for unmanned and extra-terrestrial aircraft. His engineering companies are geared towards rapid prototyping and short-run-to-production projects. David also pioneered the concept of Bio-modeling; taking Computed Tomography data and converting it into physical replications of anatomy. 

David Crook has always pursued the excellence of the Renaissance Man: as a degreed Mechanical Engineer: specialized in advanced implant technology, he holds a doctorate in Philosophy, with special emphases on the development of Academic curricula, both in the Arts and the Sciences. He has taught in the UK and the USA over the past 12 years and is the author of several technical works related to Computer Aided Design and also has published three books on the nature of Ethics, Morals, Metaphysics, Epistemology and Global systems of Government.

As a writer for the  Dallas Independent School District, his textbooks included, An Introduction to Computer Aided Design: Level I; An Introduction to Computer Aided Design: Level II; Entering the Third Dimension: An Introduction to Computer Aided Design Using Computervision's Personal Designer As a writer of science fiction, these included published books, Philosophy:Triad Galactica; The Warrior

David F. Crook, PhD, 
PhD, Education
MS, Mechanical Engineering
Head of Metaphysics Dept.
Professor, Board of Regents
JaNa' Zabaneh,
BA, Education
MS, Holistic Health
Board of Regents, Instructor

JaNa' Zabaneh is founder and holistic practitioner of Love and Light Healing Center in Gilmer, Texas. As a native of Hallsville, Texas, she continues to love the richness of nature that is provided by the rural atmosphere of her home and healing center, where nature continues to be her teacher. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Texas A&M, specializing in Education Psychology. She continued studies at Natural Healing College in Herbal Mastery at Stockton, CA., receiving her Masters of Science Degree from Vitae Pondera College of Natural Medicine. Jana continues toward her Doctorate of Metaphysics at VPCM.


For the next twenty five years, she taught Special Education (Life Skills) to student between the levels of Preschool to High School She worked with special needs students in the Autistic and Severe and Profound Handicapped educational programs.

She testifies..."A severe, near-fatal car accident sent my life spiraling into years of pain and drug addiction. The miracle came in the darkest moment, in the form of alternative medicine. Twenty-nine days after I began the herb program, I had a huge shift and to this day continue to provide my body, mind and spirit with the best and highest natural products. For the next 25 years I have been gathering these modalities for Love and Light Healing Center. Through all these I have developed a wonderful approach to finding the cause of distress and finding the highest and best to heal you to your ultimate state.               

Nancy Oaks, BA Psychology
Board of Regents, Instructor

Nancy Oakes is founder and CEO of the Sacred Lifestyle Wellness Center, a supportive group of Light Workers, dedicated to the evolution of our consciousness. The Sacred LifeStyle Center is an effort dedicated to wholeness of mind, body and spiritual reconnection to the “intention of life.”


Nancy’s educational background includes a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology from Ashford University.  She graduated as a Barbara Marx Hubbard, Agent of Conscious Evolution, James O’Dea, Peace Ambassador Guide, and Barbara Marx Hubbard/Shift Network-(Guides and Mentors Program) Life Coaching for healthy living based on “Remembering Who You Are, and Reconnecting-A Life Free of Addiction.”


She is a published author and formerly a columnist for OM Times Magazine.  OM Times Magazine is a free holistic green eZine international renowned magazine with a spiritual, self-growth perspective for the conscious community.  She is author of, Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe, available on amazon, which describes a seal of secrecy that has hidden humankind’s creation and the identity of the Supreme Creatress.


Nancy has taught in women’s shelters, mental health clinics, and for the Department of Justice a program she created as an empowerment tool. She is an activist for numerous social interests including Free Tibet, PLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and is a member of the Free Cherokee/United Lenape Band & Adopted Tribal Peoples.  Her Medicine Wheel, which is the bases for her empowerment program “Heart Art” received a sacred blessing at the Dallas Art Museum by the monks from the Dungkar Monastery representing His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama.

Terryee BW.jpg

Terryee Abbott

Instructor, Intuitive Life Coaching

Marketing and Promotion

Instructor, Board of Regents

Terryee Abbott is owner and pracitioner of Angel Coaches. She has been a spiritual clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since she was a small child. Over the years she has used this gift to help build two successful businesses, and several not-for-profit organizations, and to help hundreds of people make positive choices in their business, family and personal lives. She has advised celebrities, CEOs of major companies, investors and politicians.


She has created an angel coaches radio show on Blog Talk radio. The show airs on Tuesday about creating and manifesting prosperity; Thursday Transform your life; Sunday her and her co host Diane Bucci have a show based on their the book they wrote together: “You mean there’s a law that says he has to be attracted to me?” The show is deals with very real topics to help people creating and keeping the relationship of their dreams. She and the 6 other angel coaches are working on creating their own radio net work and online angel coaches magazine.

She is also a dream interpreter able to do remote viewing and works with the ascended masters and archangels and guides to help clients with relationships, money and life decisions. She has recently begun to share this gift by teaching people how to go directly to go to their own guides and angels and receive the information themselves.


Terryee is a very gifted healer as a highly advanced Reiki master, teacher, and practitioner. We welcome her as an instructor and intuitive of Angels and Guides​​, offering private readings for pets, loved ones and guidance in life purpose and relationships.

Miss Seven Jade
Physical Medium

Miss Seven Jade  

 ’’I am a 4th Generation Physical Medium in my family. The ability to see and hear things that others can’t see or hear.


Many people confuse or combine physical medium with psychic medium. We rarely hear the term physical medium. I’m not psychic nor would I hope to be.


You’ve most likely seen a physical medium as we are wonderful conduits for the dead to use us during seances and that’s how movies portray us. Or in front of a crystal ball. Or if you remember Patrick Swayze in Ghost, Whoopi Goldberg played a physical medium in the movie.


We see, hear, even feel the pain the spirit felt at death. At a recent investigation I had a very intense, sharp pain below my belly button, I could taste the blood as if I were coughing it up myself. It was later confirmed that the dead I was feeling had been shot where I felt the pain.


The way I interact with the dead is think of it like a radio frequency, when we are in a room with them we automatically find ourselves on the same frequency, we are synced.


When I give readings to clients, I’m able to connect with them and with their permission I see their past and present while also seeing the dead who may be around them.’’

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