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Penny Paranormal: 

Educational Investigations of the Multi-Verse on a Budget

Blending Extra-Terrestrials, Ancient Civilization,

Akashic Access and Higher Consciousness

Penny Paranormal conducts educational investigations of the multi-verse on a budget. It provides a novel approach to educational paranormal investigations in a two-fold manner. We teach fundamental investigative tools that can be utilized for free to minimal cost. It is also designed to give you a deeper and more expanded insight into the world of paranormal investigation through the newer theoretical science of links between the interactive relationships between our own higher consciousness, human and non-human entities, parallel universes, UFOs and aliens. 


If you are a believer, find out when to be skeptical. If you are a skeptic, discover the process of evidence-based paranormal investigation.


Take a walk through the 2-acre, historically recognized O.P Pyle House and site of Gov. James Hogg (birthplace of Ima Hogg). Our own physical medium, Seven Jade along with resident investigators, will host you on a 6-hour tour, providing information on the following:  

  • Spiritual Ethics and Safety 

  • What paranormal entities are

  • The different types of paranormal entities

  • The physics behind all paranormal activity

  • Basic tools and how to use them

  • Procedures for personal investigation

  • How to responsibly respond to negative entities

  • Clearing vs. Cleansing of properties


Tools we will use:

  • Akashic Bridges: A Guide Toward Multi-Dimensional Realms

  • Free Apps

  • Dowsing Rods

  • Pendulums

  • Akashic Bridges

  • SLS Photography

  • EVP-Electronic Voice Phenomenon

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Meet Our Physical Medium and Investigator

Miss Seven Jade

We see, hear, even feel the pain the spirit felt at death.

I’ve been a paranormal investigator for 10 years. I love doing what I do! To have modern technology confirm what I’m seeing and who I’m seeing is amazing.


I was born in a very small town in Texas. I am a 4th Generation Physical Medium;  those with the ability to see and hear things that others can’t see or hear. I  inherited my gifts from my great grandmother Cora, who came to the United States from Bavaria with my great grandfather. She was the Mystic Healer of her village, healing the sick, making herbal medication,and  assisting those who had pesky spirits bothering them and more. When they came to the States prior to the Civil War she kept her talents underground.


I began seeing the dead at a very young age. My mother noticed this when one day I stuck a key into an electrical socket, when my parents asked me why I told them the shadow people talked me into it. I don’t recall much after that however she guided me the best she could to embrace my abilities. As I grew up it seemed like every house we lived in was haunted, I eventually realized I was able to see them and eventually talk with them. 


Many people confuse or combine physical medium with psychic medium. We rarely hear the term physical medium. I’m not psychic nor would I hope to be. You’ve most likely seen a physical medium as we are wonderful conduits for the dead to use us during seances and that’s how movies portray us. We see, hear, even feel the pain the spirit felt at death. At a recent investigation I had a very intense, sharp pain below my belly button, I could taste the blood as if I were coughing it up myself. It was later confirmed that the dead I was feeling had been shot where I felt the pain.


The way I interact with the dead is think of it like a radio frequency, when we are in a room with them we automatically find ourselves on the same frequency, we are synced. When I give readings to clients, I’m able to connect with them and with their permission I see their past and present while also seeing the dead who may be around them. It’s been a lifetime of practice and the learning and advancement will only end when it’s my turn to go on the other side.

Bill Lewrs_edited.jpg

My name is Billy Horton everybody calls me Bill. I am a proud grandfather and dad.  I have 3 daughters  and 1 son and 5 grandchildrens.and another grandbaby will be born the end of this month.I am into most all things outdoors. I have been involved in the paranormal for about 2 years and have spent about four years chasing around for the famous bigfoot. 


Friends of mine had asked me to be a driver for them so they could get to their investigations on the weekends. My weekends were free so I told them I would. After a couple of months of driving them to their investigations and helping with the equipment. Everything about the investigations come natural to me. I was able to communicate with the spirits and can feel the spirits close to me.  The Paranormal World has become a new interest for me, and I like hearing about all the history of the places we investigate. 

Meet Our Investigator

Roxie Lewers

“The paranormal, you can’t pick and choose. It’s all or nothing.” ~Zak Bagans

Roxi Lewers Pic_edited.jpg

My name is Roxie Lewers. I was born in Mineola, Texas and raised up in the country on a small farm. I have worked in the healthcare field for 20 years. In my spare time I love the outdoors and   I have one son and 4 step kids, all 4 are grown now and give us 5 grand babies and another grandbaby will be born the end of this month.My grandmother taught me growing up that spirits was real and that we could communicate with the spirits. At the age of around 10 I was able to see and talk to my grandfather that had passed.  That’s when I started learning everything about the paranormal world that I could. Then 4 years ago the opportunity was available to go on investigations and communicate with the spirits. I have been to so many investigations spots ghost hunting such as old jails, historical homes, old bridges, and cemeteries.  Besides the paranormal world my other interest is Bigfoot. Is he real or is it paranormal?

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